58 Gin:

58 Gin was launched from humble beginnings in the heart of Hackney as a local, sustainable micro-distillery.

After many hours of experimentation, our London Dry was born on the 58th distillation.
Ultra-small batch production began and further flavours were developed, taking inspiration from seasonal British produce, from the wonky Apples not fit for supermarkets in our Apple & Hibiscus Pink Gin to the seasonal foraged Sloes in our English Berry Gin.
We opened a small London Gin School where we invite our customers to make their own Gin and share our passion for creating spirits and the joy of exploring, selecting and tasting botanicals.
Our team grew and so did our distillery, where we now reside under the arches just up the road in Haggerston.
Our philosophy is ‘Gin from the Heart’ and this translates into everything we do, from our commitment to reducing carbon footprint to producing sanitiser for front line services. During lockdown, we made nothing but hand sanitiser for the NHS, key workers, care homes and hospices.
We look forward to you joining us on our journey and, of course, enjoying a few G&Ts along the way.