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Shelf Talkers - Potocki Vodka - April 11_print 70We are pleased to announce our Potocki Vodka placed Third in the first annual Vancouver International Spirits Festival’s Vodka category!

Spirits were scored by Vancouver’s esteemed professionals in the industry, with results released April 16th in the Vancouver Sun. Our Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin honorably placed among the top 20 international gins.

For a detailed list of the standings, please check out the VISC website,


Kessler Sekt is now available in B.C.

Wodka Vines Agency is please to announce that Kessler Sekt is now AVAILABLE in BC.



The House of KESSLER is one of Germany’s few sparkling wine producers with its historical roots in French champagne country. G.C. von Kessler founded the company on July 1, 1826 in Esslingen Germany, using expertise he collected as co-owner and director of the famous “Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin” champagne house in Reims France. KESSLER remains Germany’s oldest producer of sparkling wines.



  Hochgewächs(CHARDONNAY)  BCLD SPEC+484923  750ML

  Jägergrün (Riesling) BCLD SPEC +694117  750ML

  Rose (Rose)   BCLD  SPEC +567529   750ML




Potocki Has Arrived!

NOW IN VANCOUVER Yes it has arrived. Available as a spec order thru the B.C liquors store. Soon to be on the shelf of private liquor stores, bars and restaurants. Ask for it by name.  That is Potocki Vodka !!!!!


Awaiting our first shipment Potocki Vodka…… arriving any day now,  look for it over the next few month in fine restaurants bars and liquor stores.